The Worst Airports in the World

The Worst Airports in the World

For most of us, the thought of going on a vacation brings a smile to our faces. But to get to that destination and experience all that it has to offer, we often have to first face the airport. The hustle and bustle, long queues, several security checks, flight delays and trying not to get lost in the maze definitely do not make time spent at airports pleasant. While this is often the expectation, some airports are known for being the absolute worst. For some, horrible is an understatement. Let’s look at five of these airports.

1. Kuwait International Airport

Kuwait International Airport is located in Farwaniya Governorate, Kuwait and is a hub for Kuwait Airways and Jazeera Airways. It is the home of the headquarters of the Kuwait Air Force. Serving millions of people yearly, you would think this airport is a good one. Well, Kuwait International Airport ranked on the list of world’s worst airports by AirHelp for many years, often securing the second spot. Travelers provide negative reviews such as flight departures are tardy, customer service is poor and the security wait times are unusually long. There have also been complaints about the horrible stench at the airport.

2. Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport in Germany is nothing short of frustrating to say the least. The airport design is one that travelers constantly complain about. A confusing network of escalators, elevators, staircases and tunnels connect to the airport and direct passengers past ticketing, security, customs and boarding via what seems like random detours. It is a long distance from the gate to the terminal. The airport building is a fair distance from where planes land and shuttle rides to the terminals can take up to thirty minutes. Travelers often have to face long queues and poor service. There are very few restaurants so passengers should stock up on snacks before getting to this airport.

3. London Stansted Airport

Travelers arriving or departing at London Stansted Airport often expressed that wait times to get their bags after landing are excruciatingly long, as are the lines for security and check-ins. The airport is known for excessive noise and overcrowding with several unpleasant staff who seem overwhelmed. It’s one thing dealing with overcrowded terminals but it being filthy as well makes it even more unpleasant. There is also limited seating for such an airport that sees many travelers. The facilities are certainly not welcoming.

4. Lyon-Saint-Exupery Airport

The Lyon-Saint-Exupery Airport in France, is known for its impressive architecture and design. However, travelers continue to write reviews online expressing their dissatisfaction with Lyon-Saint-Exupery Airport. They claim that the staff is unfriendly and not helpful. They mention the lack of technology to allow a flawless check in process. This results in long lines and long wait times which are quite frustrating.

5. Jeddah King Abdulaziz Airport

This airport in Saudi Arabia serves millions of people yearly. Exasperated travelers continue to complain of Jeddah King Abdulaziz Airport being small, congested, and extremely noisy. The litany of issues there also include rude, arrogant and unhelpful staff, untidy washroom, slow processing and checking in and lack of decent food. Due to inadequate seating, travelers have to sit on the floor in the lounges. It is a challenge to pass through the airport because of the long winding lines at the check-in counters and the crowded luggage carts.


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