The Cheapest Places To Visit Next Year

The Cheapest Places To Visit Next Year

When trying to plan a vacation, there are many factors that one might consider. Most people may want to plan an exciting and relaxing vacation but not spend an arm and a leg. Not only must the cost of flights be considered, but also the cost of the accommodation, transportation, food activities and sites. It is important to travel to a destination that allows you to stay a longer time, while enjoying a good standard and saving money. There are several wallet-friendly destinations to choose from. Here are five places that promise you all these when you visit this year.

1. Honduras

Honduras is one of the countries of subtropical Central America that a budget conscious traveler should look to explore. It is quite popular during the dry season from December to April. When the cost of the hotel, public transportation and street food meals are factored in, visitors can spend an average of thirty US dollars per day. That definitely sounds good. One can visit the many jungles, ancient Mayan ruins and national parks that Honduras is known for at reasonable prices. In recent times, Honduras has become safer, making it a more attractive destination for tourists.

2. Vietnam

Although vacationing in Vietnam is becoming more costly every year, it is still a cheap country to visit. There are deals on airfares to Vietnam and while there on vacation, one can budget to spend about fifty dollars per day. This may mean not having too many luxuries and eating at local restaurants. For a more five-star experience, a vacation in Vietnam would be an average of $200 per day which certainly isn’t that bad. There are many affordable tour packages to choose from that allow visitors the opportunity to truly experience and discover Vietnam.

3. Northern Thailand

Northern Thailand is the place to visit in 2022 if you are on a budget.  Accommodation doubles and quadruples in the south. Dorms are available at a low cost of five US dollars per night in popular places of Northern Thailand such as Chiang Mai and Pai. For an authentic and delicious Thai food experience, the street vendors are a good option. There are great places to hike and some amazing attraction sites to visit, all which are reasonably priced. For a small fee, visitors can go on a long ride through the mountains or rent a motorbike or car to go sightseeing.

4. Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the cheapest holiday destinations in South East Asia and is quite safe too. For thirty US dollars, a visitor can obtain a private air-conditioned room, street food and round-trip transportation. Cambodia has a short high season and a long low season. Visiting during the low season between the period of April to October will result in cost savings on accommodations. During the Covid-19 pandemic, there have been special offers on tickets to the Temples of Angkor that are expected to continue until the end of 2022. Several other sites have such offers.

5. Greece 

Greece is a fantasy vacation, complete with calm turquoise beaches, breathtaking mountains, sun-kissed ruins and delectable Mediterranean cuisine. Compared to other European countries, Greece is very affordable. Every budget backpacker can have a wonderful experience in Greece by following a few tips. Visitors on a budget can stay at lovely hotels rather than beachside resorts, enjoy Greek fast food, use public transportation and ferries. Don’t be fooled into believing that Greece is an expensive place because of the images you see online and in travel magazines.

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