Weird Superstitions People Still Believe

Weird Superstitions People Still Believe

Superstition is a belief or a way of behaving that is founded on a fear of the unknown, ignorance, trust in magic and luck. Non-believers and non-practitioners believe superstition to be irrational or supernatural. Superstitious beliefs are embedded in folklore and culture. They vary in different cultures and play a major role in these societies. In many cases, people seem almost paralyzed by superstitions. Here are some weird superstitions that people still believe, hold on to and pass on from one generation to the other.

1. Black Cats

One of the oldest and well known superstitions is that a black cat crossing one’s path brings on bad luck. In the middle ages, it was also associated with the passing of someone. Many people fear black cats today and it is often linked to witchcraft. However, according to English superstition, giving a black cat to a bride on her wedding day will bring her good luck in their union. In Japanese and many Asian cultures, encountering a black cat is a good omen. In some cultures, black cats lead to treasure, make homes safe and bless farmers with a good harvest.

2. Umbrella Superstitions

Opening an umbrella inside a house is thought to bring about extremely bad luck in several parts of the world. This superstition has its roots in ancient Europe. At that time, the umbrella was employed to shield persons of great status from the sun rather than rain. It was believed that the sun god would become enraged if an umbrella was opened inside and he would punish them. Some believe that an umbrella protects one against the storms of life and opening an umbrella within the home offends the house’s guardian spirit, who will leave one defenseless against the storms of life.

3. Wedding Superstitions

Every couple hopes for sunny weather on their wedding day. Dark clouds and rain would certainly bring about anxiety. Well, rain on one’s wedding day is a sign. In some cultures it symbolizes fertility and cleansing. Also, the bride wearing something old and borrowed brings good luck for the couple. Many brides cry while making their way to the altar. It is believed that this leads to a happy, long and successful marriage.

4. Twelve Grapes

New Year’s Eve is filled with much celebration all over the world. Many people come together at the Puerto del Sol in Spain for a time of fun with much singing, dancing, drinking of champagne and eating grapes. Yes, every individual present eats twelve grapes, that is, one grape at each of the twelve bell chimes in order to have a good and fruitful year. This tradition in Spain has been in existence since 1895. 

5. Breaking A Mirror

Broken mirror superstitions are common to cultures all over the world. There is a superstition which says that someone who breaks a mirror will experience seven years of bad luck. According to this belief, whether a mirror is broken accidentally or on purpose, the misfortune lasts for the same amount of time. Seven years is seen as significant. The Romans believe that the seven years was the period that the body takes to renew and in China, it is believed that destiny is renewed every seven years.

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