Weird DNA Tests That You Can Do Today

Weird DNA Tests That You Can Do Today

When we hear of DNA tests, paternity comes to mind but there is so much more to it. DNA tests or genetic testing involves examining one’s DNA, a chemical database that contains instructions of the body’s processes. These tests can indicate mutations in the genes that can result in diseases. They are used for carrier testing, newborn screening, prenatal testing, ancestry identification and to determine the best medicine to treat an individual’s illness. One’s genes reveal quite a bit about who they are. You just might be amazed by the following five DNA tests that can actually be done.

1. DNA Testing for Athletes

Athletes are known to possess strength, fitness, speed and endurance. Well, it is possible to know whether one has such characteristics through DNA testing. There are tests that can indicate genetic variants that predispose individuals for high aerobic fitness. Some companies promise that by swabbing one’s cheek and mailing the sample to them, they can reveal personalized information that can be useful to individuals, especially athletes. These tests have been marketed to help athletes and bodybuilders for instance make decisions regarding their training and diet to help them maximize their potential. This information can help in understanding how best to avoid injury.

2. DNA and Weight Management

One’s DNA can affect the way that the body responds to different foods. The ability to store and burn fat, appetite and capacity to maintain a healthy weight following weight loss are all factors that have been linked to specific genes, according to research. An app is included with the DNA test which can be used to manage food intake and have better success with weight loss. Scientists have conflicting views of the effectiveness of such testing and the guide to a weight loss regimen.

3. DNA Tests and  Food Sensitivity 

People who have food allergies frequently have a lower quality of life and experience much anxiety while choosing food. There are science-based DNA tests that demonstrate how aspects of one’s life may be more likely than not to make one susceptible to common irritants. Sensitivity to gluten, lactose, cow milk protein, peanuts and histamine can be detected. This can motivate individuals to make certain modifications to their eating habits and food choices in order to live more comfortably.

4. DNA and Romance

Many people desire finding a life partner and go to great lengths to achieve this. Blind dates, speed dating, online dating and taking personality tests, have been quite popular over the years. There are now companies that seek to generate potential matches based on DNA analysis of individuals. By examining how similar or different two people’s HLA genes are, the majority of DNA matching websites try to forecast if they would have a love chemistry. According to several studies, diversity is good, and opposites draw each other.

5. DNA and Personality Traits

Your genes determine who you are. Personality traits are the persistent patterns of thoughts, emotions and behaviors that represent the propensity to act in particular ways under particular circumstances. Various lifelong consequences can be predicted by personality traits, which are moderately heritable. The significance of genetics in a person’s behavior is shown through longitudinal research. According to scientists, genetics accounts for between twenty and sixty percent of temperament.


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