Ways Life Would Be Different If the World Was Flat

Ways Life Would Be Different If the World Was Flat

Despite the incredible leaps in our technology, for one reason or another, flat earthers still dig their heels in about the Earth being flat, claiming that it’s some huge conspiracy against the “truth.” The real truth, however, is that if the world was indeed flat, there would be proof of it everywhere, namely in how our planet operates. So what exactly would be different? Well, that’s what this article is for. Here are five ways that life would be different if the world was truly flat.

1. There Wouldn’t Be Any Seasons

The reason we have seasons is due to the Earth’s tilt which causes sunlight to hit different parts of the Earth at different points in the year. That’s why the northern and southern hemispheres experience the seasons at opposite dates: when it’s winter in the north, it’s summer in the south. Under a flat Earth model, the entire planet would experience the exact same season forever, which might be a bit boring if we’re being honest. Not only that, but microbes and animals would be able travel from one part of the Earth to another with great ease.

2. There Would Be No Rain

The rotation of our planet is what causes our oceans and wind currents to move from east to west. So if the Earth was flat, there’d be zero rotations, and without that, the wind would only blow in two directions: north and south. Sure, not having to deal with hurricanes and tornadoes would be nice, but there would be no clouds and no rain. The Earth would cease to be the lush and vivacious planet we know it to be, instead it would be transformed into a vast and empty desert, save for small coastlines here and there. The tornados don’t seem as bad in comparison.

3. The Sun Would Crash into the Earth

According to the flat Earth model, there’s no movements or rotations, we’re just sitting under the Sun completely stationary. This means that there’s nothing to stop us from plummeting straight into the fiery depths of the Sun. Luckily for us this will never happen because our Earth is in fact round, and it is this roundness, along with a combination of gravity and momentum, that keeps from colliding with not only the Sun, but the Moon and every other star in our Solar System.

4. Tectonic Plates Would Stop Moving

Tectonic plates, although they can be a bit of a nuisance when they create earthquakes, are the reason we have so many magnificent and breathtaking landscapes such as mountains, valleys, volcanoes and even some bodies of water. So no tectonic plates means none of those things mentioned earlier would exist. The Earth’s surface would be totally flat, the only bumps would be the humans, animals and trees that cover its surface. As for the ocean, it would just be a consistent pool of water spread equally over the planet’s surface.

5. All Forms of Navigation Would Stop Working

A flat Earth would mean no mantle core or a magnetic north. And without those two things, well, there’d be no way to tell north from south, or east from west. Animals, such as birds, would be in a constant state of confusion since they wouldn’t know which way to go when they fly. Also, our GPS systems would be pretty much non-existent because satellites wouldn’t be able to stay in orbit due to the lack of gravity. They’d just come plummeting down at us, if they even managed to get to their destination.

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