Things Our Ancestors Did Better than Us

Things Our Ancestors Did Better than Us

Most people believe that we are much better off than the people who came long before us but there are some who would beg to differ. In fact, this list was created to prove just that. There are some things that our ancestors did better than us, despite our technological advancements and knowledge of how they did things. The truth is that our ancestors are the reason why we are so successful. Read through this article to find out how they succeeded in ways we do not.  

1. Took Care of the Planet Better 

Our ancestors took much better care of the planet than we did and there are several reasons why they did. Firstly, polyethylene was not created until 1898 and the plastic waste problem didn’t exist until the 1960s when production significantly increased. Today, over 300 million tons of plastic are produced each year and its pollution not only threatens our health, but also our environment and our food quality. The issue has gotten so bad that countries like Rwanda are now going plastic free and the creation of single use plastic has significantly decreased. Even with that, some believe that we may be too late.  

2. Managed Their Money Better 

Long before the creation of credit cards, loans and mortgages, people lived off the money that they had. Our ancestors worked and spent the money that they physically possessed, not money that they were yet to earn. Rather than using installment plans with interest, some of our ancestors used a layaway system, and were only given the goods once they were fully paid. While it benefits many, our current system of lending and borrowing has landed many people in financial turmoil. Allowing people to get goods and services that have not been fully paid off is in part what causes the collapse of a nation’s economy, take the Great Depression for example.  

3. Ate Better 

The world’s current obesity crisis was a monster of our own making. In an attempt to feed the ever-growing population, companies began creating foods with longer shelf lives, fewer nutrients, and a much higher calorie count. In today’s world, there is no need to go to restaurants or grocery stores as food can be at your doorstep in under an hour. Centuries ago, long before breakfast was considered the first meal of the day and coke was considered the drink of the masses, our ancestors lived off the land; they cooked what they grew and items like bread and cakes were a luxury that even the wealthy couldn’t afford. As such, people were much healthier than they are now.  

4. Built Better 

Today’s construction regulations allow the use of materials that would have never been used centuries ago. Over the last several decades, supplies including styrofoam and plastic have been used to build houses, allowing for a much shorter construction time. While the shortened time frame is a welcomed bonus, many of these homes that are being constructed cannot survive natural forces and even time itself. Older builds like the ones our ancestors created, were made from stone and timber; materials known for their ability to withstand the test of time.  

5. Had Better Manners 

Gone are the days when adults were referred to as “sir” or “madam” and elbows were kept off the table. It’s also very rare to see men opening doors for women and newlyweds writing personalized thank you notes to wedding attendants, but such is the time we live in. Not too long ago, it was common courtesy to do these things and having such skills hinted at their social standing in society. Today, not only is it common that people are late for reservations, but it is allowed. 

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