The Most Pointless World Records Ever Set

The Most Pointless World Records Ever Set

It is human nature to want to push one’s limits, to want to be the first to complete something and to be the best in their field and that is why there is an entire organization dedicated to recording such historical events. Breaking or setting a world record is a great accomplishment, but there are some records that beg the question, “why” and rather than give the person the glory and fame they deserve, they’re met with side eyes and scorn. Here’s a list of some of the most pointless world records set, according to the internet. 

1. The Most Tattooed Person

Long before tattoos became a popular form of self-expression, tribes around the world used them to mark a person’s status or rank, as a pledge of love and protection and even for spiritual devotion. An Australian man named Gregory Paul McLaren, who goes by Lucky Diamond Rich, may not have factored the original meanings of tattoos when he covered his entire body in ink. In 2006, he took the title from Tom Leppard after having every inch, yes, every inch, of skin covered in tattoos. He achieved the feat by tattooing onto previously tattooed skin, with 3-4 layers in some place. He’s said it’s an honor and a privilege to hold the title. 

2. The Loudest Scream

While most might have thought that this record would be held by a rock singer, the record was set by Irish teacher Annalisa Flannagan in 1994 when she screamed an amazing 120 decibels – the loudness of a plane taking off. Six years later, another teacher, Jill Drake, this time in Britain, broke that record by screaming at 129 decibels. According to the CDC, noise above 70 decibels over a long period of time can lead to damage, but loud noise above 120 decibels can cause immediate harm to one’s ears. 

3. Furthest Distance Traveled Across LEGOs

Kevin Strahle, better known as L.A. Beast, is a YouTube sensation with millions of followers. In November 2020, Strahle broke the record for the longest distance walked over LEGO pieces. Why? We’re still wondering ourselves. He traveled approximately 3,886.3 meters or 12,750 feet, beating out former record holder Salacnib Molina by just over 50 feet. At the end, he was unable to walk for several days after he broke the record. The entire process was recorded and can be found on his YouTube page. 

4. Most Objects in a Beard 

Quite a few Guinness World Records were broken during the pandemic, but none may have been as “interesting” as Joel Strasser breaking several records for the most objects in a beard. Currently Strasser holds records for, but not limited to, the most chopsticks, the most golf tees, the most straws and the most Christmas ornaments in a beard. According to Strauss, it’s all about the technique; he says that he stacks the objects in such a way that they stay in his beard. 

5. Most Live Snails on the Face

While some people train for months in order to get into the Guinness World Book of Records, others just go outside and put slimy mollusks on their faces. 11-year-old Fin Keleher from Sandy, Utah broke the previous 2007 record for the most snails on the face (36). After gathering the snails from his neighbors’ gardens, several snails were placed on Fin’s face as he sat back in a reclining chair. The snails that stayed on after 10 seconds were counted. The current record is 43.

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