Terrible Things That Are Still Legal

Terrible Things That Are Still Legal

The legal system was put in place to ensure our safety and well-being. But nothing in life is perfect and there are plenty of loopholes in the laws that make it A-okay for sketchy people to get away with the messed up things they do. Unfortunately, it will most likely take a really long time before the government actually does something about it. Below are just five of those really terrible things that are entirely legal.

1. Caller ID Spoofing?

In case you didn’t know, caller ID spoofing is when someone deliberately disguises their identity by falsifying the information transmitted to your caller ID display. People do this for a number of reasons, the most common one being to extract sensitive information from you so they could steal your identity or hack your bank account. Other times it could be for revenge, such as the case where a woman pretended to be her mistress’ doctor and prescribed her the wrong medication, causing a miscarriage. And according to the law, faking your caller ID is completely fine.

2. Pyramid Schemes

Pyramid schemes are another nasty one where shady companies disguised as legit organizations lure in desperate people with the hope of accumulating wealth. Once you’re in, they encourage you to pay admission fees then recruit more members so you can get paid commissions. The new members unwittingly follow the same pattern and scheme continues. They are basically wolves in sheep’s clothing, never delivering on their so-called promises, only draining the bank accounts of unsuspecting citizens. The government has managed to shut down a few, but many of them still operate freely with zero regulations.

3. Colorado Felony Murder Crime

In Colorado, there’s an absurd law called felony murder, where a judge can sentence someone for life without any possibility for parole, simply because they were involved in a murder. And it doesn’t even matter if they weren’t the ones to do it. Like that time a Colorado woman was charged with felony murder after her male accomplice (who got away) killed a police officer while fleeing from a bank robbery. Some legislators are trying to get this law repealed, since there are many people serving unfair sentences for crimes they didn’t even commit.

4. Sketchy Supplements?

As mentioned earlier, there are many shady organizations out there, and a handful of them have found a way to cash in on people’s growing distrust of Big Pharma. They claim to provide natural cures for a variety of diseases, but may inadvertently be getting people sicker instead. You see, these supplements haven’t undergone any scientific research or testing, so there’s no telling what the side effects could be. And according to the law, they can’t be regulated by the FDA due to the “natural cure” tag. This means that you won’t be legally compensated if you suffer some adverse reaction.

5. Secret Recordings

So, it turns out that it is perfectly fine in some states for someone to record you, as long as they’re in a relationship with you or have invited you somehow. This is already off-putting, but the worst part of it all is that these recordings can be used as evidence against you in a court of law. What was supposed to be a private conversation could easily become the reason why you’re sitting in prison. Spouses aren’t exempt from this either, and recordings can and have been against them during divorce proceedings. Long story short, your consent doesn’t matter when it comes to being secretly recorded – and the law says it’s fine.

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