Ridiculous Fashion Trends That Should Stay in the Past

Ridiculous Fashion Trends That Should Stay in the Past

The term fashion trends can be broadly used as a popular style of self expression that is embraced at a particular time and place. This can mean trends in clothing, accessories, footwear and make-up to name a few. Fashion trends evolve over time and I’m sure that while looking at old photos of your parents or grandparents you’ve observed that what they wore then were quite different to what is worn today, although some trends have resurfaced to some extent. There are some fashion trends of the past however, that many view as ridiculous and think that they should remain in the past and not make a comeback. Here are 5 of these fashion trends.

1. Hobble Skirts

The hobble skirt became popular in the early 1900s and although there were many designers who claimed that they should be credited for inventing the hobble skirt, in 1908, French designer, Paul Poiret, said that his design had “shackled the legs.” Hobble skirts were ankle-length skirts which were so narrow at the hem that they restricted movement greatly and allowed wearers to take short strides. Only women who were privileged wore them because these skirts were certainly not functional for the busy, working woman.

2. Clothing Made From Flour Sacks/Bags

The fashion trend of sewing flour bags into ladies’ clothing showed that housewives of that time were resourceful. During the Great Recession, rural families were forced to be frugal. Nothing went to waste including flour bags which were used to make dresses, towels and household furnishings. The bag manufacturers responded to this by adding color and lovely designs to the bags. By the late 1930s, this trend became quite popular. There were national sewing competitions which featured dresses made from flour sacks.

3. Bullet Bras

The bizarre bullet bra was a creation which emerged in the 1940s. The intention behind these sharply pointed, conical shaped bras was to accentuate a woman’s figure and to ensure that women stood upright at all times. It began to lose its popularity in the late 1950s when soft cup bras which gave a more natural silhouette were introduced. Though Madonna brought back this bra during the Blonde Ambition tour in 1990, this trend didn’t make a comeback. For people who love this vintage look, there are still a few bullet bra makers out there.

4. Crinolines

This trend took flight in the mid 19th century and is one that you may have seen in movies set in that time. Crinolines were stiff structured petticoats used to provide support to large skirts and give a bell shape. Before this, women wore multiple layers of petticoats which were heavy and unhygienic. Wearing crinolines was dangerous as the large dresses got caught in passing carriages and machinery which crushed the wearers. The dresses also ignited when women stood too close to fireplaces or the skirts swept over coal or flames.

5. Zibellino

Zibellino, also called flea-fur or fur tippet, was a fashion accessory worn by women of the late 15th century. This was the pelt of a marten, a weasel-like mammal, which was worn around the neck, hanging at the waist or held in the hand. The heads which were still attached were accessorized with gold and precious jewels. This was used by those in the upper echelons of society such as high-ranking noble and royalty. The faux version was later created in the 16th century and replaced the use of actual animals.

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