Impressive Food Innovations You Need to Try

Impressive Food Innovations You Need to Try

As a modern civilization, we enjoy pushing the boundaries in just about every field, including food. In recent years, technology has allowed us to create some of the craziest foods that, only a few decades ago, would seem like nothing but a fantasy. Today, it’s reality that who knows, just might become the norm in the not-so-far-off future. If you’re a foodie who also happens to be a science junkie, then sit back and unwind as you learn about some of the most impressive food innovations that you absolutely need to try.

1. Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

This new method of creating ice cream was introduced to the world on an episode of ABC’s Shark Tank when a husband-and-wife duo displayed their invention. The pair wowed everyone as they created delicious ice cream in only a matter of seconds by slowly stirring their ingredients until it reached the desired creamy consistency. Although the sharks were not impressed enough to invest in the couple’s invention, the two carried on regardless and founded the Sub-Zero Ice Cream company which is slowly expanding across America.

2. Edible Water Orbs

Hopefully in the near future, water bottles will become a thing of the past (good riddance!) as they’re replaced by edible water orbs. This could drastically reduce the amount of plastic on our planet, plastic which is known to endanger both plant and animal life and takes forever to break down. The edible water orbs or “Ooho” as they’re called, were invented by a company named Skipping Rocks Lab. The stable and flavorless orbs were made out of algae, which is biodegradable if one doesn’t feel like eating it. If this takes off, it could revolutionize the way we drink water on the go, and reduce plastic at a rate that Mother Earth would definitely thank us for.

3. Cotton Candy Grapes

This fruit isn’t something concocted in a sterile lab. Rather, it was invented by a lone farmer who carefully crossbred various species of wild grapes until he achieved the desired flavor he was looking for. Again, there’s zero involvement of genetic engineering or scientific meddling of any sort. This new species of grapes is already making the rounds in grocery stores but they are quite pricey. But those who took the risk and bought a few said it was well worth it and that they do in fact, taste like cotton candy.

4. Black Ice Cream

In 2017, black ice cream was all the craze in the US, particularly in the state of California. The trend started there, when a Los Angeles-based ice cream shop named Little Damage began selling ice cream that was a ghastly shade of black. It didn’t take long for people to figure out the secret ingredient (charcoal, in case you were wondering) and started featuring it on their menus. It should be mentioned though, that black ice cream did and still does come with a couple of side effects. Because charcoal is a potent detoxifier, it can inadvertently absorb medications and vitamins out of your body, rendering them ineffective.

5. Meatless Plant-Based Burgers That “Bleed”

Despite their refusal to eat animal-based products, many vegans admit to missing the flavor of many comfort foods that they may have grown up with or just always wanted to try. That is why a group of vegan scientists made it their mission to bridge the two worlds by creating the world’s first meatless burger that looks and tastes just like the real thing. And the “bleeding” effect is nothing more than the work of beet juice. So, if you want the effect of rare or medium rare meat, without the guilt of eating an animal, look no further.

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