Funny Misconceptions We Have About Biology

Funny Misconceptions We Have About Biology

Is your knowledge about animals and their biology based on actual researched facts? Or is it based on repeated misconceptions that we’ve either heard as children or seen on television. You know, like that supposed eagle cry we hear in movies, or that rabbits absolutely love carrots more than anything else. Most of these so-called facts are nothing but lies that we unknowingly believe to be the truth. So let’s clear things up, shall we? Here are five of the funniest misconceptions we have about biology.

1. Bats Are Blind

Bats are one of the most misunderstood creatures in the animal kingdom. These nocturnal mammals sleep during the day but use echolocation at night to navigate their surroundings at night and to identify their prey. Because of this, many people wrongfully assume that they have poor vision, even to the point of blindness. But the truth is that bats have much sharper and accurate vision than humans. It’s just that their eyes are sensitive to sunlight due to their evolutionary adaptation to darkness, which is why they avoid both natural and artificial sources of light.

2. Carrots Are a Part of a Rabbit’s Diet

Whether it’s cartoons, TV shows or movies, there’s always a depiction of a rabbit munching down on a tasty carrot. While it’s true that rabbits enjoy eating them as a tasty treat, it shouldn’t be a major part of their diet. This is due to the high sugar content which affects microbial balance in the rabbit’s gut. Also when sugar ferments, it produces gas which can cause gastrointestinal stasis, a potentially fatal condition in these fluffy. Furthermore, rabbits don’t eat carrots at all in the wild.

3. The “Eagle” Cry in Movies Is Made by an Eagle

So it turns out that the cinematic eagle cry sound effect we often hear in movies is anything but that of a bald eagle’s. That’s actually the screeching from a red-tailed hawk. One probable reason for this is because the real cry of an eagle is much weaker than you’d think. Instead, it sounds more like a high-pitched screech or chirp. Other times, they will produce a deep guttural growl, which is used as a warning call to other bald eagles. Bald eagles also use a wide variety of other sounds including hissing, clicking and mooing.

4. Sharks Are the Ultimate Predators in the Ocean

Yes, sharks, especially great white sharks are downright scary given that they can tear our limbs off with little to no effort. But they are far from being at the ocean’s top of the food chain. That title belongs to orcas who many people mistake for whales but are actually part of the dolphin family. Unlike sharks, these vicious animals are known for hunting in packs, hence why they’re nicknamed the wolves of the ocean. They can even take down a blue whale, the largest known animal in the world.

5. Bulls Get Angry When They See Red

Many people assume that bulls react negatively to red capes simply because of the color. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. First of all, bulls and other cattle are dichromat, which means that they can only perceive two color pigments. This means that they’re partially colorblind and red is one of the colors that they can’t see. So what makes them so angry? It’s really the movements of the red cape that irritates them so much, not to mention that they’re specifically bred for aggression and physique.

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