Fairytales Whose Morals We Should Practice

Fairytales Whose Morals We Should Practice


Back in the old days, fairytales weren’t just something created to lull children to sleep, but it was a way to teach them valuable lessons that would guide them throughout adulthood. Today, many of us seem to have forgotten the valuable gems that were hidden in those stories and that are still very much applicable to life today, despite our ultra-modern society. And it doesn’t matter if you’re young or old; the wisdom is timeless. Here are five fairytales whose morals we should still practice.

1. The Boy Who Cried Wolf

No one likes a liar. Not just because they managed to pull wool over your eyes but because it’s hard to discern when they’re actually telling the truth. That’s the lesson behind the story of the boy who cried wolf. No one believed him when the wolf actually did show up because of his constant lying. That’s something we can all relate to, even today. So, try your best not to go around telling tall tales because all you’re doing is creating a reputation for yourself as someone who can’t be trusted.

2. The Ugly Duckling

With cancel culture being so rampant nowadays, many people need to dial back, take a breather and re-read the story of The Ugly Duckling – the story that taught children about how it was wrong to mistreat someone because of their appearance and to accept what makes them unique. But the current wokeness and identity politics of our society led to an extreme case of tribalism that sadly excludes others solely for their race, gender, sexual orientation or even political affiliation. Don’t be one of those people.

3. The Emperor’s New Clothes

The Emperor’s New Clothes reminds us that we shouldn’t parrot what everyone else is saying out of fear or shame. Like the child who pointed out that the emperor was prancing around in his birthday suit, you shouldn’t be scared of stating a simple and obvious truth. The internet is rampant with so-called progressives who are constantly virtue-signaling on social media. Not only do they expect you to join them, but they will quickly turn on you if you don’t. Instead, stand your ground because it takes a lot of courage to go against the crowd.

4. Chicken Little

Many people are no different than Chicken Little in the sense that they blow things out of proportion and reel others into their frenzy. As the story goes, the fragment of the alleged falling sky turned out to be an acorn. Basically, the lesson here is to not be an alarmist, but to think things through rather than overreacting instantly. But with everyone being so dramatic on social media, it’s easy to see why so many people get caught up in the chaos. Sit back and wait for more information so you can come to an educated conclusion.

5. The Pied Piper

Every action has an equal but opposite reaction and if you don’t hold up your end of the bargain, be prepared to face the backlash. Much like how the Pied Piper lured the children away (possibly to their deaths) when the town’s greedy mayor shortchanged him after getting rid of the rats, trying to weasel your way out of fulfilling your end of a deal will only lead to some nasty but very much warranted repercussions. So please, treat others with respect, fairness and decency.

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